Teamwork Stretches Beyond The Stars: Killing Sales Turnover

By Team Hireology,
November 12, 2014

Want to hear something crazy? The plot from the movie Armageddon has become a little bit more realistic today. What!? Yes, I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. According to CNN, scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) has confirmed that the ‘Philae probe has landed on the surface of a comet.’ (Click here for the story

So it’s true, Bruce Willis and a team of oil drillers could potentially land on a comet or asteroid and save the human race, right? Whether or not that could actually ever happen, the mere fact that humans were able to accomplish such a feat is simply amazing. It’s also a good opportunity to realize what we can obtain through great teamwork-sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

Wonderful things happen when a team works well together. It’s been proven by great sports teams of the past, innovative companies that have changed the way we go about our daily lives and instances such as today with the spacecraft landing. Nevertheless, these moments are typically never reached with ease. There are usually problems or hardships that must be overcome in order to reach the main goal. In the corporate world, one of these issues is sales turnover.

3 Ways To Top Turnover 

Sales turnover is a serious problem for many companies, yet it’s not impossible to overcome. One of the best ways to tackle turnover is with fundamental teamwork. Here are some easy ways to build a team of salespeople that will work hard together and enjoy working at your company, all at once-and therefore, help lower turnover: 

  1. Choose The Right Candidates-chemistry is essential with teams. Before you can make a team work well together, you have to make sure you’re employing the best-fit people for the job. A simple way to do this is by conducting phone screens and using scorecards during interviews with candidates.
  2. Create The Perfect Environment-it’s hard to accomplish something special if negative energy or a boring atmosphere surrounds you. If you expect your employees to come to work each day with a positive mindset and high energy, you better be creating an enjoyable work culture. Every business is different, so there are countless ways to create the perfect culture. A few ways to set the best stage for your employees to work in are by implementing a flexible work schedule, casual dress code or by starting company rituals that are unique to you and your employees.
  3. Team Bonding-if you’ve ever been part of a team before, you’ll know how important chemistry is between teammates. If you want to succeed together, you have to trust one another. Make sure you spend time out of the office with your sales team. Going out for dinner, bowling or a sports game are all fun ways to help get your team to know one another and bond. Do this and your employees are bound to work better together.

So what’s the main lesson here? Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck could potentially blast off into outer space and land on an apocalyptic asteroid to save mankind someday, yes. But also that they or the brilliant scientists at the ESA, NASA, etc. could never accomplish the astounding work they do if it wasn’t for their fantastic teamwork.

The same goes for those in the business of sales. Turnover is a tough obstacle to overcome if you’re constantly losing employees. Therefore, the best way to combat that is by hiring the right people who work well together and are able to succeed at your company for the long run.

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