Sourcing Candidates Poorly Destroys Your Talent Pool

By Team Hireology,
January 22, 2015

Here’s something to think aboutÉ

If one million people were asked if they’d rather wait in line for 15 minutes or two minutes (for any reason), I guarantee you that 99.9% of those people would prefer the latter line. It’s a no brainer right? Why would anyone choose to waste time for no good reason? 

As ‘captain obvious-ish’ the aforementioned statement is, it’s crazy how applicable it is to the hiring processes of companies everywhere. Some businesses offer the 15-minute line while others offer the two-minute one when it comes to applying for an open position. So if you had to judge which company offers the better candidate experience during the sourcing process, it’s even more obvious who takes the cake-that’s right, the two-minute one!

The businesses that demand a long, info-packed application process for their applicants are slowly shooting themselves in the foot when searching for the best talent. Studies have shown us that job seekers prefer a shorter application process. This is especially true for the most talented ones. If they’re not already being recruited, the last thing they want to do is fill-out a long and tedious application.

Software Advice, an HR and recruiting technology research firm, just released a report that reveals what’s considered a good candidate experience by surveying both job seekers and recruiters. Here are some of their key findings:

  • Job seekers cited unclear application instructions (93%) and extremely long applications (90%) as the primary causes of a bad candidate experience.

  • 46% of recruiters cited that an unsophisticated hiring process hinders their ability to provide a clear timeline to the candidate.

  • Recruiters surveyed cited that sufficient training, the use of ATS software and adequate staffing contribute most to a positive candidate experience.


Create A Two Minute Application 


While sourcing candidates, it’s important to make sure your application process is quick and easy to fill out. I’m not saying you have to completely restructure your hiring process; just consider the applicant’s point of view. Offering a simple application form will attract more applicants to actually complete the form. In return, you’ll have better odds of landing top-notch talent for interviews. 

Simplifying your application process is indeed, easy. If you’re not hiring for an over-the-top, specific position, then there’s not much need to ask for from the applicant. After you set-up a location to post your open jobs, all you really need from the applicants is the following information: 

  • Name (first & last)
  • Email Address (ask for email confirmation as well)
  • Applicant’s Address (plus city, state & zip code)
  • Applicant’s Phone Number
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter

Sourcing candidates shouldn’t be the most time-consuming step of the hiring process. You can usually tell if an applicant is qualified by simply looking at his or her resume, so don’t require unnecessary information if you’re only going to interview a handful of applicants anyways.

Keep it simple and you’re bound to have plenty of applicants waiting in line for your open position. If not, then you’re doing your job descriptions all-wrong-but that’s another blog for another time!

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