Slick Willy says hire millennials – with or without experience

By Team Hireology,
September 24, 2014

There’s an exciting movement for young adults that’s about to begin and it might not be what you think. No, it’s not another viral video challenge or campaign choosing sides to which fictional character you prefer the main character to date (team Gale for life! {Hunger Games reference}), so don’t worry. This movement is a positive one and was started by none other than Slick Willy himself!

Ok, so maybe former President Bill Clinton didn’t come up with this idea by himself, but his organization sure did. The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) is about to promote a new campaign that aims towards helping young adults get jobs, whether or not they have the traditional, prior experience and education.

According to, the CGI’s project is ‘a new public service campaign (that) asks businesses to train and mentor the millions of low-income young adults who may not have a college degree or a lot of work experience. Print, broadcast, radio, online and outdoor ads are on the way.’

That’s exciting news for millennials entering the workforce without having much to offer on their resume. It’s an optimistic campaign and one that could potentially benefit not only Gen Yers, but the companies hiring them too. If you’re a hiring manager currently looking for new job candidates, you might want to consider looking further into the new CGI campaign.

Know what you want in a candidate

Regardless of whether or not you’re keen on prior experience and education, there’s a plus side to hiring someone who’s willing to learn. If you’re reviewing a candidate who’s eager to work hard, be mentored and succeed, then why not re-think hiring that person? Slick Willy might be onto something here.

Young professionals entering the workforce are typically willing to work for lower salaries as long as the jobs are the right fit for them. Therefore, even if they don’t have outstanding experience, they’re still more affordable to hire compared to those with a superior background. If you’re willing to hire these types of candidates, then you better be prepared to outline your ‘wish list’ for a candidate.

It’s important for recruiters and HR professionals to make sure they know what they want in their ideal applicants. In order to find a candidate that’s the right fit for your open position, it’s crucial to fine-tune your recruiting process.

The following are some simple ways to attract millennial candidates that are best for your open position:

  • Have a specific and brief description of your open position
  • Post your open job to social media sites, as well as popular job boards
  • Mention your company’s culture and off-site activities
  • Use an interview scorecard during your interviews
  • Conduct personality tests
  • Ask yourself if your company is willing to train and mentor this candidate once he or she is hired

If an inexperienced candidate meets your job requirements and culture fit, then why can’t he or she be the spot-on hire you were originally looking for? I think that’s what Bill would say…with some inspirational saxophone music in the background, of course.  

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