How to Simplify Hiring for a New Franchise Business Location

By Beth Kempton,
August 4, 2017

As a franchisor, your franchise business can only be successful when individual franchisees are meeting – and exceeding – their goals. The center of any franchise business success story is the people – employees – who make it happen. The top priority management should have each time a new franchise location opens is to hire the best team possible. But with most franchise brands having dozens – or even hundreds – of locations, there’s no way you can chime in for every hiring decision.

Not only do employees greatly contribute to the success of each individual franchise location, but they’re also representative of your brand as a whole. So how can you have confidence in knowing your franchise business locations are hiring the right people to represent your brand? Partner with an integrated hiring platform to offer all your franchise locations – both old and new – a repeatable hiring process, and weed out potential bad hires before the time comes for a hiring decision. An integrated hiring platform can offer your franchisees countless benefits, including the following:

A Step-by-Step Hiring Process

Some franchise location owners might be running their own business for the first time, and therefore don’t even know where to begin when it comes to a hiring process. Rather than leaving your franchisees to play a guessing game – or taking time of your own to run through a recommended hiring process, your franchise brand should adopt and follow a proven hiring process that can easily be duplicated across locations. Some key steps to an effective hiring process include regularly reviewing applicants, completing multiple rounds of interviews, administering candidate skills tests, completing reference and background checks, and distributing onboarding materials before they even arrive for day one.

For interviews in particular, a consistent hiring process can hold franchise location owners accountable for asking candidates the same questions across location and candidate. This is especially helpful for determining culture fit – if you establish an overarching mission statement and core values for your franchise, you can set franchisees up for success by including questions that measure culture fit in interviews. In the long run, hiring employees who not only have the skills to fulfill job requirements, but are also passionate about your core values will lead to a stronger team, better customer experience and increased profitability.

Onboarding Before Day One

Franchisees want their employees employees to start contributing to the business right out of the gate – especially if they hire new employees soon before a new location opens. By recommending a preferred hiring platform to your location managers, franchisees tap into the platform for paperless onboarding before day one, meaning each employee won’t waste hours of their first day filling out paperwork. Paperless onboarding through a hiring and talent management platform can include, singing the employee handbook, completing tax forms, and filling out benefits paperwork.

Insight Into the Hiring Health of Each Location

An integrated hiring platform can make your life – and the lives of your franchisees – easier by eliminating the need to regularly check in on, or micromanage, each location’s hiring efforts.

A hiring platform will provide a glance into critical stats you need to determine the health of each location or manager’s hiring efforts – such as hiring velocity (time to hire) and process adherence. For example, Hireology Insights can answer key questions like: What is the total hiring velocity for each new hire at a given location? Are candidates getting held up in a certain hiring step? And, are certain managers missing steps in the hiring process? Using these insights, you can take action to identify areas of improvement across locations and managers, and take action to ensure all your franchisees are hiring their best teams in an efficient manner.

If you’re looking for more tips to help your franchise locations hit the ground running, download our eBook, “Staffing Up For Success: 4 Things To Do When Hiring At Your New Franchise,” below.

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