Retail automotive continues to see 2017 as a milestone year. The industry experienced a year-over-year sales surge in September, much of which can be attributed to Hurricanes Irma and Harvey devastating lives and destroying hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico.

Even for those who stayed out of harm’s way, the urgent shift of inventory to hurricane-ravaged regions may result in vehicle bottlenecks throughout the country that will continue to impact operations for the coming months.

Working with thousands of dealerships across the country, we’ve identified trends transforming the automotive talent landscape along with new insights from the Hireology network.

This research report outlines key findings in the the retail automotive hiring landscape, including:

  • The overall need to attract and hire quality talent in retail automotive
  • The increasing demand for fixed operations and product specialist roles
  • Insight into dealership sourcing and hiring activity
  • A firsthand look at the applicant experience – including how applicants research retail automotive jobs and key criteria new employees looked for before accepting an offer

Download the research report, “The State of Retail Automotive Hiring Q3 2017,” below.