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After going through a large acquisition, the Serra team was looking to relaunch their employment brand as they rapidly expanded to a new market. During this time, the team began working with Hireology to set a hiring process in place that could grow and scale as the group did.

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 As applicants also shifted their job searches online, Serra knew they had to keep up – by developing an immersive career site that helped top applicants across all roles see themselves growing professionally with the Serra brand. And finally, Serra knew that their old, reactive way of only hiring when someone left the team wasn’t strategic and often resulted in poor fits as the team scrambled with last minute placement.

By working with Hireology, the Serra team was able to completely reinvent the hiring process and set themselves up for success.


With the new process, Serra was able to automate the most administrative-intensive tasks of the hiring process to free up manager time while also ensuring the team was only focusing on the right candidates for each role.

Before Hireology we were using a filing basket and shotgun for hiring. The major difference is now we have organization, a streamlined process, on site, everything in one place, and we see all the applicants as well as our managers can. Hireology took the guessing out of hiring and we see it as the v.Auto of hiring.

– Jerry Zezulka

Executive Manager, Serra Traverse City

Serra also partnered with Hireology to create an engaging career site that not only advertised the open positions across the group, but also highlighted Serra’s workplace culture, presented the career trajectory across various departments, and touched on the history of the company to give a more complete picture of working with the company.


Serra’s new hiring process helps the entire group take a strategic look at sourcing and hiring. With the operations in place to source, select, and verify candidates, the group is able to focus on top performers and move them through the process quickly and effectively.

By keeping the process completely within Hireology, Serra is able to track performance and reach more applicants by posting automatically on the career site, organic job boards, social media feeds and through referrals.

Applicant Tracking
With all rooftops using Hireology, the entire candidate process can be centrally-managed across locations to keep the entire group organized. “All of our Managers take advantage of the site. With Hireology everything is funneled into one spot which makes it easy.  Everything on the site is quick and easy to use and see.” – Kevin Cassidy Executive Manager, Serra Chevrolet and Toyota

Before, to get applicants our managers placed ads online and through Facebook with little or no response.  We started listing through Hireology and we received numerous applicants in a short period of time.

– Kevin Cassidy

Executive Manager, Serra Chevrolet and Toyota

Career Site

With Hireology’s redesign, the Serra career site is one of the team’s best recruiters. By focusing on the needs of today’s top applicants, Serra is able to drive an incredible amount of interest through open roles by showcasing their culture and opportunities online. And since new applicants are automatically added to Hireology, this also saves time by instantly kickstarting the process.

In fact, today’s Serra career site drives 12% of the total amount of applicants, but delivers an impressive 50% of all hires – showing this career site is responsible for finding half of Serra’s new team members. This is an incredible ROI, and allows Serra to invest more back into the business instead of third-party job boards or recruiting efforts.

From a candidate perspective, we were previously using our website as a basic career page.  From an internal perspective we were using a physical filing system to keep track of current and previous candidates. Hireology has helped us be more effective in our recruiting, selecting, and hiring processes on both fronts – external and internal. The tool helps us create a better candidate experience, leverage data in assessing candidate fit, and easily access current/previous candidate information.

– Matt Serra

Executive Manager, Al Serra Auto Plaza

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Hireology was founded on the insight that companies following a prescribed hiring process find and retain better talent. By treating hiring as a science, we help organizations build stronger teams to drive higher productivity while lowering costs and turnover. Our Intelligent Hiring Framework™ is the process we bring to our customers to define, source, select and verify candidates for a comprehensive evaluation that leads to higher-caliber, longer-term employees.

We built Hireology to serve entrepreneurs: franchise, retail automotive and small business owners that rely on a driven and engaged team to drive business impact. This customer group is comprised of thousands of companies making a large portion of the employment market, while it’s also a segment we’ve seen as historically underserved by world-class SaaS hiring tools.

The Intelligent Hiring Framework™ — the methodology at the core of our process — transforms the disjointed, time-consuming hiring tasks into a seamless web app experience. This userfriendly approach scales from single-location businesses to organizations tasked at hiring hundreds of employees a year. Our platform covers each step of the process: from defining the job and sourcing applicants to interviewing and verifying candidates for a complete look at candidate potential.

Hireology was founded by our CEO Adam Robinson who brings 20+ years of experience in the fields of hiring and selection management. Adam leads a nimble Chicago-based executive team bringing experience from leading technology companies such as Groupon, Deloitte and Google.