Jess Heiderscheidt

Traveling in from the western suburbs of Chicago, Jess commutes using the Metra and a shuttle bus; but she would happily ride in on horseback if possible. She finds serving others to be extremely rewarding and enjoys taking on any undesirable responsibilities.

On her days off you can find her volunteering at local barns, dog sitting for her local clients, traveling, or doing various DIY projects. Jess has traveled to several countries so far, and plans on adding more to her list. Her favorite city as of now is Paris, France. Jess could picture herself retiring along the beach, or within the jungles of Costa Rica in about 50 years.

Favorite Sandwich: Classic PB&J with her grandma’s homemade jam recipe. If Jess was feeling adventurous, she’d add in a couple Lay’s potato chips IN her sandwich to give it a little crunch.