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As a long-term Hireology customer, Findlay has worked hard over the past few years to put a structured hiring process in place across all group locations and focus on building their employment brand to attract top talent. 

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In 2015, Findlay was looking for a partner to help each individual location put a structured hiring platform in place that ensured each team was running a compliant and process-driven approach while leaving individual stores the freedom to control their own hiring decisions. To keep this balance, the Findlay leadership was looking for a solutions provider to arm them with standardized templates and interview guides while allowing each store to define their own workflow that could include various stakeholders from the general manager down to the office manager to ensure the platform had the flexibility to work for the individual teams.

We spent a lot of time creating the right process, matching each store’s workflow. Our locations review their own applicants and work with Hireology to review the hiring process. This interaction happens at the store-level, giving them the Hireology resources they need to be successful at hiring.


– Chad Leavitt

Chief Accounting Officer, Findlay


After weighing various options, corporate chose Hireology to redevelop the hiring process across all of Findlay’s locations. This allowed corporate to standardize the job-specific templates and interview process while allowing each location to determine who was involved wit hotel process – striking a balance to keep the hiring process consistent across all locations while allowing individual dealerships control and autonomy over the process.


Over time, Hireology partnered with Findlay dealerships to launch branded career sites – allowing locations to invest back into the core Findlay brand instead of third party job boards.


Recently, Findlay became one of the first large dealership groups to pilot an integration with ADP Workforce Now – allowing hiring data to seamlessly and securely flow from Hireology into Findlay’s payroll systems to speed up the new hire onboarding process while reducing time and errors associated with manually keying in new employee data.

The integration saves us time, and gives executive insight into who GMs are hiring, how many candidates are being screened and helps us manage the new hire process better.

– Kristin Vargas

Human Resources and Strategic Projects Manager, Findlay


Overall Process
Hireology is a long-term partner on the people side of the business for all Findlay locations. With buy-in from corporate and local control, we’ve set up the broader Findlay team for success by catering our platform to the specific needs of each of the 35 locations using our platform.

Career Site
Beyond the overall process, the Findlay career site is driving considerable investment back to the business. Since it’s launch, the Findlay career site has become one of the best recruiters for the group, driving 7% of applicants and 31% of eventual hires. This is a dramatic difference from traditional job boards that typically drive a significant amount of applicants, but few overall hires. By investing in a career site that highlights career trajectory, company history and Findlay’s culture, the career site is able to reach applicants in ways job boards can’t match.

Our career site is a game changer – Hireology doesn’t work without it. Our site gives our applicants the first visibility to us. If we’re going to a new market, this is going to introduce talent to our group. Now, people are knocking down our door to be a part of our team. We see the most hires traffic come in from the career site: it’s so important to us because we didn’t have a funnel before.

– Chad Leavitt

Chief Accounting Officer, Findlay

ADP Integration
Findlay was also one of the first Hireology customers to leverage the full integration between our hiring platform and ADP Workforce Now. With this integration, new hire data is transferred between Hireology and ADP to seamlessly transition from the hiring process to payroll and onboarding.

Findlay locations also leverage Insights – Hireology’s analytics platform to get a better sense of what’s working well and where there’s room for improvement on the overall hiring process. A Hireology talent coach meets with key dealership contacts monthly to see how each rooftop is performing while allowing corporate to get a sense of overall performance by location, role and hiring manager.

Insights is a great way to see patterns with stores that might need help hiring unfilled roles. It helps us as an organization to see what steps are missed and where we can help coach the team to drive a more consistent experience across our group.

– Kristin Vargas

Human Resources and Strategic Projects Manager, Findlay

Talent Coaching & Support
To guide the Findlay team through Hireology and ensure everyone is trained and making the best use of the platform, Hireology has a long-term client partner called a talent coach to assist with all aspects of hiring. Since day one, Findlay has been supported by a dedicated talent coach to learn Findlay’s unique structure and the specific needs of the brand in their key markets. In addition to hiring best practices, Findlay has also leveraged their talent coach to ensure all dealership teams feel empowered by the platform, and the group is always leveraging the latest Hireology features and integrations.

From a Hireology talent coach perspective, we see Lauren as our teammate. Our stores know her, our GMs know her, she’s presented and trained with us… The reason we went with Hireology is the dedicated staff that knows automotive.

– Chad Leavitt

Chief Accounting Officer, Findlay

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