CDK Global
Partner Program


Hireology is recognized in the CDK Global Partner Program, offering an approved accounting integration product. CDK will retire its generic accounting interface (CDK Drive Function AGUT) later this year and recommends Hireology to meet your needs. 

As an approved payroll solution provider, Hireology offers impacted CDK customers an integrated hiring, payroll and talent management solution built around reliability, security and data visibility.

With the Hireology platform, CDK customers can improve their people processes – sourcing applicants, conducting interviews, verifying candidates, onboarding new hires and managing compliance and payroll – from our intuitive platform.

Hireology is the only hiring, onboarding, payroll and talent management platform focused solely on helping franchised automotive dealerships build their best teams.

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Drive quality hires and profitability while streamlining payroll, compliance and talent management.

What We'll Cover:

A walkthrough of the Hireology ATS, career site, and payroll platform

How we help dealerships source, select, verify, onboard and manage top employees

What we’ll do to tailor Hireology for your specific sourcing and hiring needs

The value of our platform in cost savings, time savings, and higher quality hires

Any questions you have on Hireology and the results we can help you drive

Payroll & Compliance Capabilities

Beyond our intuitive hiring platform, Hireology has powerful tools to meet your payroll needs.


Set new hires up for success before their start date with online training materials, tax forms and healthcare elections 


Ensure accurate payroll runs with features like flag time calculation, multiple runs and general ledger visibility


Get central visibility and control across your payroll and benefits administration to identify trends across your team


Receive proactive alerts when employees near overtime, fall out of compliance or have unfinished tasks

Built-in compliance

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with always-updated government forms and training programs to firewall your team from potential litigation

Centralized control

Whether you have one rooftop or are a national group, our hiring and payroll solution is designed to grow along with your success – in one simple platform.