How Much Are Open Roles
Costing Your Dealership?

With Hireology, Increase Profitability by Reducing Your Time to Hire

Total Profit Added

Using Hireology’s Proven Hiring Process

Monthly Sales Profit:


Monthly Fixed Ops Profit:


Total Profit Added:


How the Calculation Works

Employees in new cars sales, used car sales and technician roles contribute daily to a store’s bottom line:

New Car Sales
$800 Gross Profit / Day

Used Car Sales
$1,000 Gross Profit / Day

$1,200 Gross Profit / Day

Leverage Hireology’s proven hiring process to reduce overall time to hire by, on average, 25% and place qualified talent in gross profit driving roles faster.

Dealership Hiring Has Room For Improvement

The average dealership takes ten days to review and respond to applicants.


Would you let a consumer lead go unanswered for ten days? 


Apply marketing best practices to recruitment. Implement a process and drive accountability at each step of your hiring process, increasing productivity and profitability in the process.

Why Hireology

One in ten new car dealers trust Hireology to build their best teams. In one, seamless platform:

Build your brand and drive applicants to apply with a custom career site

Drive quality candidates to open roles automatically with Applicant Engine

Source candidates through integrated job boards and social media

Prioritize candidates for review with prescreen surveys

Accelerate qualified candidates through interview stages with templates and automated scoring

Confirm background, references, hard skills, and job fit before you make the hire

Continuously improve your hiring process and drive ROI with easy to understand insights

Request a 1:1 Consultation

See how Hireology can help your dealership increase profitability by reducing time to hire

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