How Much is Your Business Spending to Fill Open Roles?

Save money with a strategic, proven approach to applicant sourcing.

Total Sourcing Spend

Using Hireology’s Proven Hiring Process

Monthly Sourcing Spend Per Hire:


Annual Sourcing Cost:


Total Money Saved

With Hireology's Proven Sourcing Strategy

Savings Per Hire:


Annual Savings:


How the Calculation Works

Hireology saves the average business 30% on overall applicant sourcing costs

In the retail automotive industry, Hireology career sites are 7x more cost effective than traditional job boards
In the home health care industry, Hireology career sites are 15x more cost effective than traditional job boards.
By helping you build out your employment brand and understand your sourcing ROI across channels, Hireology helps drive savings back to your business.

Applicant Sourcing Has Room for Improvement

Businesses across industries face challenges with record-low unemployment and increased hiring costs, making it more important than ever before to hire quality talent while saving money. Hireology can help you save money on applicant sourcing and hiring without sacrificing the quality of hires.

Why Hireology

More than 4,500 businesses trust Hireology to help them build great teams while saving money on hiring costs. In one, seamless platform:

Build your brand and drive applicants to apply with a branded career site

Career sites are much more efficient at sourcing qualified employees, as job seekers who are excited to join your team will be eager to read through your career site and what your team has to offer, rather than simply clicking “apply” on a job board posting.


Optimize your sourcing spend

Applicant Engine manages recruitment advertising spend to deliver quality candidates and drive cost savings. Using Applicant Engine, you can reach the best candidates across hundreds of sources automatically, including national job boards, industry-specific job boards, organic search engine feeds, local classified ads, social media and other niche sources.


Measure the success of your sourcing strategy

Hireology Insights provide transparency into performance of different sources in your recruiting strategy – such as national and industry-specific job boards, so you can save money by only investing in channels that result in strong candidates.


Follow an efficient hiring process

Beyond improving your sourcing, the Hireology platform has everything you need to effectively hire and onboard quality employees, including pre-screen surveys, interview guides, background and reference checks, hiring insights, and integrated payroll and onboarding capabilities.

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