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Diversify Your Sourcing Strategy with Programmatic Sourcing and Applicant Engine  

The sheer volume of aging baby boomers requiring professional care assistance is creating demand for qualified home care and home health professionals like never before. But with shifting employee demographics, unemployment hitting all-time lows, increasing healthcare costs, and a lack of qualified practitioners, it’s never been harder to source, hire, and retain qualified and dependable healthcare professionals.

To help home health care organizations overcome this talent shortage, Hireology developed Applicant Engine to find and bring quality applicants directly to our customers. Applicant Engine sources applicants across various job boards, niche employment networks, local classifieds and social media automatically – saving your team time from managing expensive one-off job boards. And since we work with hundreds of home health care locations across the U.S., Applicant Engine knows the best sources in your local markets to find quality applicants in a fast, cost-effective manner. 

Use this case study to explore how Applicant Engine has driven success for our home health care customers. 

Applicant Engine Results:
Driving More Applicants and Cost Savings vs. Paid Job Boards


More quality applicants sourced with App Engine


Lift in overall candidates hiring managers interviewed


More overall hires made vs. paid job boards


Savings on the cost for overall applicants


Savings on the cost of quality applicants


Cost savings per home health care hires overall


As a trusted partner powering the hiring process for hundreds of home health and home care providers, Hireology released a new tool to help customers source these hard-to-staff roles by finding great applicants at scale while also saving time and money from the sourcing process compared to traditional job boards. Our new solution – Applicant Engine – has already driven considerable results for our customers to deliver quality applicants while focusing on ROI.


Applicant Engine creates a diverse sourcing strategy by searching across job boards, niche employment networks, and local publications to connect with applicants at scale. And since Applicant Engine is integrated with Hireology, it gets smarter over time on which sources drive the most quality applicants – so it can intelligently adapt to focus on the sources that are delivering results to track and drive the most ROI.

Hireology centralizes all results with the Sourcing Insight – our analytics platform – to transparently show the channels driving the most applicants, quality applicants and hires, as well as the overall spend across channels to provide a bird’s eye view of all activity across partners so you know exactly where top applicants are originating from.

We first partnered with Hireology in early 2018 to increase applicant flow across our open roles. Since tapping into Hireology and Applicant Engine, we’ve seen a significant increase in applicant flow and the quality of applicants has improved greatly. Using Applicant Engine and having a team dedicated to tailoring where our roles are posted makes a huge difference in the overall quality of applicants.

– Emily Retzlaff

Recruiter and HR Coordinator, Homewatch CareGivers Grand Rapids


By completely automating the sourcing efforts to find home health care talent across 500+ sources, we’ve freed up significant time for customers while hand-delivering engaged professionals right into their Hireology accounts. 

The result: a dedicated pipeline of strong home health care candidates that are sourced at a substantial cost savings compared to traditional recruitment channels.  

Reach Home Health Care Professionals at Scale

For home care and home health providers, Applicant Engine has delivered promising results in the form of a more robust talent pool:

  •  2.49x quality applicants per job
  • 2.42x more candidates interviewed
  • 1.48x more overall hires

Driving Substantial Cost Savings

Beyond creating a robust sourcing pipeline, Applicant Engine focuses on ROI to deliver impressive cost savings. Across our network, customers depending on Applicant Engine have seen substantial savings vs. traditional job boards to find and hire caregivers, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and Home Health Aids (HHAs). Because Applicant Engine is tied directly to the Hireology ATS platform, as hiring managers rate the applicants delivered, Applicant Engine learns over time which sources deliver the most quality home health candidates – and automatically focuses more on these channels. 

With this powerful automation in place, Applicant Engine delivered promising results to home health care organizations:

  • 43% cost savings in the total cost per hire for all roles
  • 85% reduction in the cost for quality applicants delivered
  • 83% reduction in the cost for overall applicants delivered

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About Hireology

Hireology was founded on the insight that companies following a prescribed hiring process find and retain better talent. By treating hiring as a science, we help organizations build stronger teams to drive higher productivity while lowering costs and turnover. Our Intelligent Hiring Framework™ is the process we bring to our customers to define, source, select and verify candidates for a comprehensive evaluation that leads to higher-caliber, longer-term employees.

We built Hireology to serve entrepreneurs: franchise, retail automotive and small business owners that rely on a driven and engaged team to drive business impact. This customer group is comprised of thousands of companies making a large portion of the employment market, while it’s also a segment we’ve seen as historically underserved by world-class SaaS hiring tools.

Hireology was founded by our CEO Adam Robinson who brings 20+ years of experience in the fields of hiring and selection management. Adam leads a nimble Chicago-based executive team bringing experience from leading technology companies such as Groupon, Deloitte and Google.