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LT Home Healthcare is an agency providing long-term home healthcare services, based in The Woodlands, TX. In early 2019, the agency kicked off a partnership with Hireology to boost quality applicants, drive continued growth and, as a result, improve client care. 

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Prior to partnering with Hireology, LT Home Healthcare mostly relied on organic job boards for its hiring efforts. The agency has seen a steady 70 percent year-over-year growth, fueled by its strong company culture and commitment to treating both its employees and clients right.

Job boards alone weren’t driving enough quality applicants to keep up with this growth, causing LT Home Healthcare to fall short of meeting its clients’ needs. 


LT Home Healthcare enlisted the help of Hireology to optimize its recruitment marketing efforts, streamline candidate communications, and more effectively screen and verify candidates across multiple locations. Specifically, LT Home Healthcare has benefited most from tapping into the following Hireology solutions: 

Applicant Engine 

LT Home Healthcare needed a recruitment marketing solution that would drive enough quality applicants to keep up with its growth. The agency has turned to Hireology’s Applicant Engine solution to meet this need. Applicant Engine is Hireology’s targeted ad solution, which manages recruitment marketing dollars to drive cost savings, deliver qualified candidates and drive a return on investment across applicant channels. Applicant Engine helps LT Home Healthcare reach the best candidates across 500+ channels, including national job boards, organic search feeds, classifieds, social media and other niche channels.

Candidate Communication Tools

With Hireology’s user-friendly email and text messaging solutions, LT Home Healthcare has streamlined its overall candidate communications. The team can keep candidates engaged throughout each step of the hiring process, by sending emails or texts to schedule interviews, remind candidates of important hiring steps, and more. And Hireology data found that text messaging can speed up the overall time to hire by up to 8 days. 

Prescreen Surveys and Candidate Verification

Home healthcare employees have clients’ lives in their hands. By tapping into Hireology prescreen surveys and candidate verification solutions such as reference and background checks, LT Home Healthcare can thoroughly vet all candidates before extending job offers. This helps ensure all employees can be trusted to provide top-notch client care.

“Hireology has helped our recruiting manager work more efficiently and has streamlined our overall hiring process.”

– Tom Jenkins

President, LT Home Healthcare


To date, Applicant Engine has resulted in a steady flow of quality applicants for LT Home Healthcare. The agency now receives around 100 applicants each week, so the team has more flexibility to pick and choose the best.

Since LT Home Healthcare started using Hireology and, specifically, Applicant Engine, the team has seen the following results:

    • 10x increase in total applicants
    • 5x savings on overall cost per hire 
    • 21% of applicants are considered quality
    • 4x increase in total hires, resulting in 7-8 caregiver hires per week
    • 80% of caregiver applicants are now sourced through Applicant Engine

“We lose business when we’re short staffed, so looking at just cost per hire doesn’t give you the complete financial picture. There is a huge opportunity cost associated with not filling a seat.

Hireology is not a cost, it’s an investment. If you run a business and are looking to grow, Hireology is necessary to your growth. It has paid off really well for us and without it, we would have to spend a lot more to reach our aggressive growth goals.”

Tom Jenkins

President, LT Home Healthcare

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