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Competent Care Home Health has been serving Orange County, California and its surrounding areas since 1988. The agency is owned and operated by registered nurses who are dedicated to providing experienced, quality home care services delivered with compassion, integrity and reliability. In early 2019, Competent Care Home Health, started working with Hireology to increase its quality applicant flow and speed up hiring.

Results at a Glance


Partnership Kickoff

15 days

Average Time to Hire (vs. industry average of 32 days)

4 days

Average Time to Review Applicants


Before partnering with Hireology, Competent Care Home Health relied on job boards such as Indeed and Craigslist for all required applicant activity. With job boards alone, the agency often fell short in terms of the total number of applicants and quality applicants. 

Competent Care Home Health also found that interacting with job board support was difficult and the team felt like they didn’t have a true partner looking out for them and their best interests – relationships job boards were more transactional.


Competent Care Home Health started working with Hireology to implement a streamlined hiring process and improve the overall results of their recruitment marketing and hiring efforts. Specifically, Competent Care Home health has made the most of the following Hireology solutions:

Hireology Customer Service 
Since the Competent Care Home Health team faced difficulties interacting with job board support, they greatly value their relationship with Hireology’s Customer Success team. Dedicated Customer Success Managers serve as strategic hiring consultants, helping Competent Care Home Health optimize each step of the hiring process. Customer Success helps Competent Care Home Health implement best practices across writing job descriptions, candidate sourcing, interviews and other strategic efforts to find great talent. 

Applicant Engine
With job boards, Competent Care Home Health faced a shortage of quality applicants and hires. And some new hires were not truly qualified and didn’t stay with the team for long. To overcome this challenge, Competent Care Home Health has turned to Hireology’s Applicant Engine solution. Applicant Engine is Hireology’s targeted ad solution, which manages recruitment marketing dollars to drive cost savings, deliver qualified candidates and drive a return on investment across applicant channels. Applicant Engine helps Competent Care Home Health reach the best candidates across 500+ channels, including national job boards, organic search feeds, classifieds, social media and other niche channels.

Candidate Text Messaging
Prior to partnering with Hireology, Competent Care Home Health didn’t have a streamlined way to communicate with candidates. With Hireology text messaging, the team can keep candidates engaged throughout each step of the hiring process. Hireology data found that on average, businesses reduce time to hire by eight days by tapping into candidate text messaging.

Prescreen Surveys
One of the challenges the Competent Care Home Health team faced with job boards was that they often received and had to spend time manually reviewing applicants who were not a fit for their open roles. Prescreen surveys enable the team to only spend time reviewing qualified applicants, speeding up the review process and ensuring only the most qualified candidates move forward.

“Prescreening and other steps in the hiring process have helped us secure well-qualified caregivers and nurses for our clients. As a result, our clients are happy and want to work with us more – and they’re also referring us to others. Hireology has helped us with all of this.”

– Kim Mason

Hiring Manager, Competent Care Home Health


Applicant Engine
Hireology’s Applicant Engine solution has led to a steady flow of qualified applicants and hires for Competent Care Home Health. 

  • Since kicking off the partnership in January 2019, Hireology has doubled the overall number of nursing hires Competent Care Home Health has made

Hireology has also helped Competent Care Home Health continuously optimize its recruitment marketing budget through Applicant Engine. Hireology centralizes all Applicant Engine and other recruitment marketing results results using Sourcing Insight – our analytics platform – to transparently show the channels driving the most applicants, quality applicants and hires, as well as the overall spend across channels. Based on the results, channels that aren’t performing are eliminated, driving cost efficiencies.

Candidate Text Messaging
Competent Care Home Health understands that in today’s competitive hiring market, candidates will quickly lose interest if the hiring process isn’t engaging. 

Candidate text messaging has taken candidate engagement to the next level for Competent Care Home Health. The team is now able to respond to candidates quickly – scheduling interviews, sharing updates on next steps in the process, and more – ensuring they stay interested and engaged.

Hireology Customer Service
The team at Competent Care Home Health is confident that Hireology’s Customer Success team has their best interests in mind. Here are a few anecdotes Kim Mason, Hiring Manager at Competent Care Home Health had to share about the Customer Success team:

  • “At one point, we had an urgent client need for caregivers but no applicants, so our dedicated Customer Success Manager immediately helped us focus our Applicant Engine budget in such a way that we had an immediate influx of qualified caregiver applicants to choose from.”


  • “Another example of how the Hireology Customer Success team team helps us is how they have taught us to make the most of the candidate text messaging part of the app. This was something that never occurred to our team as an effective way to interact with applicants – but again, our Customer Success Manager taught us how to use it and how we can make the most of this tool.”

The best and most cost-effective way to achieve your hiring goals is with Hireology – you can spend the exact same amount with them that you are spending on other channels, and you will still see significantly better returns.

Partnering with Hireology is like having a whole hiring team in place working on your behalf to achieve your goals.

Kim Mason

Hiring Manager, Competent Care Home Health 

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