Recruiting Tips & Tools: Vine 101

By Team Hireology,
July 10, 2013

 Text itÉ tweet itÉ record it!  Why not all three? Twitter’s newest social sharing app, Vine, is all the rage. The social video app allows users to record 6-second video clips and share them on any social media network. That’s right. Now you can Vine that sleep-running dog to your GrandmaÉ I’m sure she’ll appreciate it!

But with great social sharing capability, comes great responsibility (thanks Uncle Ben). Successful Vining isn’t something that comes easy. It takes practice. As you enter the Vine community, remember that there are right ways to Vine, and wrong ways to Vine. 

As an avid Viner myself, I know the difference between a brand that knows how to Vine and a brand that doesn’t. Believe me, the signs are obvious. If you’re thinking about recruiting through the Vine community (like we areÉ what?), then you may want to consider these tips. After all, it’s one thing to be a part of the crowd, and it’s another to stand out.


Less is More

Remember, Vine videos are 6-seconds for a reason. Perhaps fitting the entire Harry Potter trilogy into one Vine isn’t the best idea. Keep. It. Simple. (Stupid). Your Vines will be way more effective and your audience will surely thank you for not cleaning the Advil out of their medicine cabinet.

Unfortunately, there are promotions like this Wolverine Vine that stray away from the “Less is More” concept. See if you can stand this Vine for more than two loops:





Think of it like a commercial. Keep your content interesting enough that people will tune in. I hate to say it but, honestly, no one cares about your daily commute to work (Unless it’s by jetpack..) Make extra sure the content you are Vining is interesting. You People will be more inclined to follow you and recognize your brand outside of the Vine world.

Check out Oreo, for instance. Their posts are simple, entertaining, and delicious.




Content is STILL King

Believe us when we say, nothing’s changed. Just because you’re reaching your audience through different mediums doesn’t mean you should abandon the rulebook. Keep your vines interesting, but also relevant. That skydiving cow could be the craziest thing you’ve ever seen, but it may not be appropriate for your company Vine.

Instead, focus on your company positives. Do you have an awesome leather couch that people love to sit on? Perhaps your wall is a collage of social media profiles. Either way, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

HubSpot is one of the best companies to utilize that approach:



So there you have it! Get out there and vine away HR pros! 

… And because I can’t help myself …


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