Quick Guide: Finding The Perfect Job Candidate

By Team Hireology,
March 25, 2015

Have you ever spent an absurd amount of time in the grocery store, picking through the produce section? Trying to find the right batch of fruit or veggies that DON’T look like they spent spring break in the red-light district of Amsterdam is hard to do.

It takes time and an honest effort to find the produce that’s just right for your liking.

The same can be said about the hiring process. While there are countless differences between the produce section and actual human job candidates, it really does take time and an honest effort to find an employee that’s the right fit for the job. Hiring managers need to be prepared to conduct a search and interview process that is effective enough to attract candidates that are the cream of the crop.

5 Steps to Follow

To make sure you’re not wasting time on your hiring process like you might be in the grocery store, below are five steps to follow in order to find top-notch candidates for your open job position:

  1. Spread the Word, After the Word-You can’t post a job description, on a job board, if you don’t have any written content describing your open position! Be sure to describe all of the necessities on your job description, such as: qualifications, responsibilities and what kind of culture your office supports. Culture fit is essential when searching for the right employee.
  2. Talk Before You Meet-Phone screens are always important. They save you time and help you weed out initial, unfit candidates before bringing any into the office for an actual interview. 
  3. Meet Face-to-Face-While most jobs require personal interviews before making a hiring decision, it’s what you do during that interview that helps you find the best candidates available. Using scorecards is an efficient way to make sure your candidates are the best match with concerns to: attitude, accountability, related job success, culture fit and whatever else you might find vital to the candidates’ success at your company.
  4. Do Your Homework-This should be done via reference and background checks. Knowing a candidate’s background, past related success and what his or her former coworkers have to say about the individual is quite valuable. These insights can help you decide between two similar candidates if you feel like it’s a close call.
  5. Decision Time-Obviously, hiring is the final step towards finding the perfect candidate. Nevertheless, this decision can be much easier and less stressful if you have research, notes and data rating your candidates to help support your final hiring decision.

These steps will help put you on the right path towards finding the best possible candidates. However, if you want the complete guide for finding the perfect hire, download our complimentary eBook below!

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