Employee Scheduling

Get new hires transferred to leading scheduling platforms automatically

Start Scheduling Your Employees Faster with Hireology

Our partnerships with ClearCare and AxisCare let companies get employees contributing faster

Partnering with the Best

Hireology works with the leading employee scheduling platforms – ClearCare and AxisCare – to manage shifts and schedules for healthcare agencies of all sizes.

Smart Automation Saves Time

Pass new hire data instantly to reduce errors and help your new team members contribute faster. Eliminate scheduling bottlenecks and drive more productivity.

Prepare New Hires for their Role

Have employees complete their onboarding steps and get scheduled immediately without delays from manual, disconnected systems.

Maintain Security and Compliance

Integrations are the most secure way to pass data through your HR stack. Reduce the need to manually rekey sensitive information between isolated systems with our integrated partners.

Want to Learn More About Hireology?

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The Hireology Onboarding Playbook

Effective onboarding is essential to any new employee’s success. Learn the keys to an effective onboarding program – including digital paperwork, training and more.

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