Hiring, Onboarding, and Compliance Made Easy
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Compliance Doesn’t End With the Hiring Process

Total Compliance Across the Entire Employee Lifecycle with Hireology and Compli


  • Clear and objective job descriptions
  • Interview guides and scoring
  • Skills assessments
  • Integrated background checks
  • Integrated reference checks
  • One-click sync to Compligo


  • 100% digital onboarding 
  • eSignature support for W-2, I-9 forms
  • Online training videos with quizzing
  • Proactive reminders to keep employees on track
  • Start all hires off on the right foot


  • Centralized and secure cloud storage for all hiring and compliance activity
  • See status of all tasks across employees, teams and stores
  •  Access a library of policies training docs and forms


  • Get intuitive Q&A reports on your hiring velocity and process adherence
  • See hiring activity by manager, team, or location to improve operations
  • Get proactive alerts when employees or team compliance lapses

Compliance in Hiring

Compliance starts with the hiring process. Complete objective, compliant interviews and run background checks, skills test and reference checks, to ensure candidates are qualified and verified before an offer is made. Once hired, data from Hireology is seamlessly transferred to Compligo, starting automated onboarding, learning management and compliance business processes tailored for each new employee.

Protect Your Business from Employee Risk with Compli

A compliant hiring process is one thing – Keeping every staff member up to speed on changing HR, compliance, and regulatory requirements gets expensive and time-consuming. We’ve partnered with Compli – the leaders in HR compliance – to bring you a systematic way to hire, onboard and manage ongoing workforce programs – to save time, money, and protect your business from employee-driven risk.


Compliance in Ongoing HR Management

Beyond hiring and onboarding, Hireology and Compligo ensure compliance with state and federal regulations throughout the employee lifecycle with streamlined management of the latest policies, training and information gathering. Compliance success is measured throughout the process with fully auditable tracking, notifications, dashboards and reports.

Secure Paperwork and Track Success

Eliminate the need to use several systems like document management, learning management systems and spreadsheets with centralized, digital storage of required compliance activities such as industry-specific regulations, HR policies, environmental health and safety and job skills. Track progress of compliance activities across teams and individual employees. Compligo also provides a central location for executives to view compliance dashboards including overall compliance score and percentage of users who are compliant.


Protect your Business and Make Your New Hires Productive in No Time

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