Candidate Verifications

Hire with confidence knowing each candidate has been fully vetted

Automate Tedious Verification Steps

Our in-platform verifications automate skills tests, background checks and references

Confirm Job Capabilities
with Skills Tests

More than half of job applicants lie on their resumes. Our integrated skills tests help verify candidates have the skills needed to succeed – and weed out those who aren’t a fit.

Confirm Experience
with Reference Checks

Hireology makes the reference check process easier on you, your candidates and their references. Candidates provide their reference contact information and surveys are automatically sent to each contact, saving time that would have been spent on calls. 

Avoid Risk and Litigation
with Background Checks

Automatically select required background checks, obtain candidate authorization and verify results. See timely turnaround of applicant screening and fully vet new hires before you extend an offer. 

Background Check
Options Include:

  • National Criminal Database Search
  • County Criminal Search (Past 7 years)
  • Address Mover (SSN Trace)
  • Four- and Five- Panel Drug Screens
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • Education Verification.

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