Posting the Perfect Job Description for Millennials

By Team Hireology,
August 13, 2014

There’s a good chance that thousands of companies reside near your office, with many of them co-existing in the same industry as your business. With so many different employees to find and connect with in the area, it can be somewhat overwhelming finding the ideal Millennial candidate for your open position.

Therefore, it’s crucial to post a job description that attracts a young professional’s eye.

First, we have to ask ourselves: exactly who are Millennials? It’s a question many researchers and hiring managers may be asking themselves as they continue to try to understand this wave of young professionals (considered to be anyone born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s) that are becoming a stronger part of the American workforce. Often referred to as ÔGeneration Y’ or Ôthe social generation,’ one thing is clear about this age group: ‘they are 77 million strong’ and ‘make up 24% of the U.S. population’ (according to a recent Nielson consumer report).

By following this simple job-posting guideline, you can attract the perfect young candidate, maintain a strong presence within the world of Gen Y job seekers and therefore, help ease the hiring process for your company in the future.


This is the social media generation-the group of young adults who helped form a world connected with endless information accessible at most people’s fingertips. Knowing that the Millennial generation is constantly on the Internet, browsing various sites at a time, checking their social media pages, email, etc., it’s vital to have a presence on the web, especially on social media sites.

With that being said, it’s just as important to keep your job posting short and sweet. Gen Yers don’t want to spend time reading every little detail or qualification about your open position. The briefer, the better, and the more likely he or she will actually read the entire post!

Be Unique

Similar to submitting an attractive resume, a job description must have that Ôpop’ or Ôpizazz’ in order to make it stand out. Recent studies have shown that most Millennials prefer culture and meaningful work, in contrast to having a large salary with boring work. Thus, it’s essential to highlight anything that’s special within the position and your company.

Here are some things to consider before writing your job post:

  • What can this candidate do to help the company that other positions can’t?
  • What sets your company culture apart from others?
  • In what ways can this position make a difference within the company and its future?
  • What kind of social or ethical work does your company do outside of the office?

Post! (in the right places)

Ok, so we all know that posting your job openings on social media sites, as well as popular job boards, are easy ways to get your company and job listings out there to potential candidates. However, in order to truly capture the attention of the type of Gen Y candidates you want, you must make sure you’re posting your open position in the right place.

You want your job description post to reflect both your company and culture. For example, if you’re hiring for an accountant position, it might be more appropriate to post your opening on a more formal site, such as LinkedIn, whereas if you’re hiring for a graphic designer position, a creative organizational site such as AIGA might be a better place to post. This way you can flush out candidates who might be serial applicant fillers!

When it’s all said and done, the Millennial generation is not much different than other generations. They’re looking for jobs just like any other unemployed people. The only difference is their searching process, along with some specific career-oriented preferences. Much like fishing, if you know where to fish and you have the right bait, then you’re bound to reel them in!

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