Podcast: Putting Employees in the Right Seats to Develop Your Best Team

By Beth Kempton,
June 27, 2017

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Each week, Adam Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Hireology and author of The Best Team Wins, speaks with entrepreneurs and industry leaders about business and building their best teams. In a recent 25-minute podcast, Adam spoke with Zawadi Bryant, CEO and Co-Founder of NightLight Pediatrics Urgent Care.

Zawadi Bryant founded NightLight Pediatrics Urgent Care with Dr. Anastasia Gentles and Connie Cazares in 2007 with a single location in Sugarland, Texas. Now ten years later, they’ve expanded to seven locations across the Houston area. It’s this incredible growth that landed NightLight Pediatrics on the 2017 Forbes Small Giant list and on the Inc 5000 list. As CEO, Zawadi instituted innovative people processes and empowered employees to do what they do best: provide fantastic care. Zawadi and her team are in the people business and on this episode of the podcast, you’ll learn how they’ve been building their best possible team.

The following is an excerpt on putting the right people in the right seats:

AR: Once you have systems and processes in place and you know how to execute the business model, how has that changed the way you approach putting the right people in the seats?

ZB: We read this great book called The Energy Bus. It talks about putting the right people in the right seats. It was really helpful for us because as we were defining our culture and values – because there are three partners. We thought we were living embodiments of our values and culture and people would just get it by osmosis, by being around us. But, what we realized is that as we became further removed from the day-to-day business, we had to encapsulate and write what our values and culture were so that even our managers and front desk people could communicate and articulate what our values were, and they could interview to those values and compare people while doing the interview to our values.

We decided or we realized we had to write down everything. Everything that was in our head, we have to write it down. It’s very helpful because what you have in your head may not be easily communicated to someone else until you write it down and you have a discussion about it. What does it mean to say “We do the best”? which is one of our values. What does that mean to you? Because I know what it means to me. What does it mean to you? Then when we’re interviewing someone, it’s interesting to hear back from them. What does it mean when we say “I do my best?” How do you exhibit that? Give me an example of how you do the best, how you went above and beyond and did the best. Having an engaged conversation with someone about what I believe to be core to our company, it’s very important to have these values written down because I can’t assume you have those values just by an interview unless I ask you these questions.

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