Personality Assessments: A user’s exercise

By Adam Robinson,
August 27, 2013

Using personality assessments for hiring is not advised. However after your candidate has accepted an offer, utilizing a personality test to better understand their behaviors is always a good idea.

One of the most popular personality assessments used in business is the DiSC Assessment program. This profiling tool helps improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication by giving you a way to understand and appreciate how your employees work. Hireology is one of the many companies utilizing the DiSC Workplace Profile which gives an overall look at that employee’s strengths, priorities, and personality styles.

With a DiSC profile, employees can see which category their personality falls under: Dominance, influence, steadiness, conscientiousness, or a combination of two. 

Last week at our weekly Lunch and Learn (an hour where all Hireologists come together to learn about a specific topic) the product team split the group into the category that each employee falls under. After we split into a group of D’s a group of I’s, S’s and C’s. The product team had us brainstorm a serious of questions together.

The questions looked like this:

  • What are the strengths of your letter?
  • What are the weaknesses?
  • What do you bring to our company?
  • How do you like to be managed?
  • Why do we need all letters in our organization?

After we discussed our answers as a group, the product team had us perform a skit that displayed the characteristics of our letter. This was the highlight of the Lunch and Learn!

Here’s what each letter performed:

The D’s:

The D’s started their performance by setting up a scenario. One of the D’s was a manager, and the other two D’s were employees. They came up with a quick improv set where the boss was yelling at the employee about “results, winning, competition and success.”

The other D’s were acting passionate about these goals and were immediately scribbling down notes and preparing to take action. It was clear they understood what it meant to be a “D”.

The I’s:

The I’s were completely unprepared and thought of something off the cuff. One of their group members said a short quiet poem and then all of the sudden someone started “beat-boxing” and all the I’s stood up and started dancing, walking around and introducing themselves to people, and acting like the center of attention!

They were displaying their goal of “controlling the audience” and being creative which is precisely what happened.

The S’s:

The S’s were the only pair of the group and also did a skit. They sat very close to each other and discussed a business opportunity which they felt very “lackadaisical’ towards any one decision. They also listened to each other carefully and were patient with their responses. The I’s were just itching in their seats watching them!

The S’s were displaying their most common characteristics of being good listeners, steady workers, and loyal.

The C’s:

The C’s were the last group to perform. When they entered the room they brought a computer with a spreadsheet on it where they had logged all of their answers. their answers were accurately researched and they went though each one carefully and with a devotion to quality.

At the end, all the other letters looked around at each other and wondered when they were going to perform. The C’s then announced that that was their performance! It made sense because C’s only present quality thought-out work.

Overall, the Hireology office learned a lot about the other letters and how the letters work together to form a great culture and dynamic. If you have implemented personality assessments in your hiring and on-boarding process, you should run a similiar exercise to Hireology’s and see the results for yourself!

Erin Borgerson is the Marketing Coordinator/Tweeter/Crisis Controller/Culture Ambassador (the last two titles she gave to herself) for Hireology, a web-based tool that provides customized interviews, job profiling, and one-click background checks to help you hire the right person. Start your free trial at today!

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