Partnering with Caliper to Expand Job Families for Hireology Customers

By Alan Dodaro,
January 14, 2016

Before jumping into my first product update blog post, I wanted to quickly introduce myself as Hireology’s new product marketing manager. I’m excited to share company and product updates as well as best practices for getting the most from platform as we continuously add features and functionality to our hiring technology.

Today I want to share some new developments from our partners at Caliper that we’re incorporating into Hireology that will help you get an even better understanding of candidates’ fit for a given job.

Caliper + Hireology

Caliper is a critical part of Hireology’s Intelligent Hiring Framework, helping our clients find the right candidates based on a comprehensive aptitude and personality assessment. Caliper is backed by 50 years of personality research and a team of psychology professionals responsible for analyzing 49 competency areas and 22 personality traits across 30 job families for any given role. Caliper’s team selects tailored reports based on a customer’s job description to make sure the ratings and assessments are focused on finding the right individual for a specific role.

We have worked with Caliper as a strategic partner since 2014. Today, a majority of our customers use a Caliper Job Fit Score and assessment ranking before making an offer. Together, we’ve screened tens of thousands of successful new hires across the country.

Competency-Based Scoring

As the hiring landscape has dramatically changed in the past few years, Caliper has worked to ensure that today’s new roles and evolving job responsibilities are accurately reflected in their assessments. Caliper’s expanded competency-based scoring model now spans 30 job families, based on the top job categories important to the U.S. economy as identified by the U.S. Department of Labor. The new job models help us ensure that we can accurately match virtually any role to a Caliper assessment that can accurately report on candidate performance.

Using the New Job Families

Our customers will be able to leverage the expanded models starting next week. An immediate impact to our customers using Caliper will be more accurate results tailored to your job descriptions. Additionally, Caliper is enhancing the reports to provide more information on how a candidate may perform in a given role, as well as actionable suggestions related to the applicant’s answers.

Since Caliper scores applicants based on the job description, one of the best ways to find great employees for your company is to make sure each job description is fully developed to explain exactly what you’re looking for. When it comes to matching, Caliper’s approach, ‘The ability to hit a target depends on how well you draw the target’ is especially true.

We’re excited to continue working with the Caliper team and see the expanded job families providing an even more accurate picture of candidate performance for our customers.

Want more information on Caliper and Hireology?

Watch our January webinar featuring our VP of Product Margot Nash and Caliper SVP of Research and Development Dr. Tom Schoenfelder for a deep dive of the new features and a walkthrough of the new reports. 

Still looking for a reason to use candidate assessment tests? Check out our complimentary eBook below and find out why you should be better assessing your candidates.

About the Author

Alan is the content and product marketing manager, responsible for educating Hireology customers on new product features and platform best practices. He brings experience from previous startup and digital agency roles. Before beginning his career, Alan attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, with a major in advertising and a minor in library information science.

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