Optimize the Effectiveness of your Hiring Process with Skills Testing

By Team Hireology,
March 26, 2013

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Hiring great employees can be a difficult task, depending on your hiring practices that is. Whether you are hiring someone for an entry level or upper level position ensuring they are the best qualified candidate for the job is critical to not costing your company thousands of dollars on a bad hire or an employee that will turnover quickly.

Most hiring processes include some sort of initial telephone interview in order to determine further steps with an applicant.  According to that, potential hires will then continue onwards to an in-person interview, either singular or in rounds.

Then you should make a job offer right?


The urge to get over and finished with the hiring process and begin to train the new hire immediately may deter you from continuing to evaluate the applicant, but don’t throw your caution to the wind or rely on just your interview notes.  Press onward.  Develop a more complete picture of the candidate using a combination of skills, cognitive and behavioral testing.

It’s Like Digging Holes without a Shovel

Dig Deeper!

You shouldn’t just hand out an offer for a vital position to an unqualified or under qualified candidate.  If they say they can do something — test them on it.  Taking the bit of extra time and spending a relatively low amount of money (most pre-employment skills tests are generally value-priced!) will only help confirm what the candidate is saying he or she knows and is skilled at.  Even if the skills tests administered reveals that an applicant is a bit under qualified it can still help you to determine what kind of training or refreshers they will need once hired, and will assist your company properly utilize any resources and effort efficiently.  Besides, administering a skills test is relatively straightforward and hands off.  All you have to focus on is reviewing the results.

Gaining better insight into your next potential hire doesn’t have to be a dreaded task.  Don’t over think which skills test you should administer for your particular job.

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