One Simple Trick to Finding Better Candidates

By Adam Robinson,
May 5, 2014

The struggle is real. Finding qualified candidates is frustrating, time-consuming, never-ending story. But as you search for easier ways to source good candidates, one simple trick might help you identify better candidates, faster.

I hire people on the basis of the effort they put into getting the job,” states tech genius Jason Fried in The One Trait That Guarantees a Good Hire. Fried stresses that he gives second looks to candidates who make an extra effort when applying for a job, meaning, “extra effort and personal touches will be looked upon favorably.”

The trick is to look for the candidates giving extra effort in their application and interviewing process.

How will this help your hiring process? 

Imagine getting two applicants on the same day: The first applicant, sends in a resume and his portfolio. The second candidate sends in a resume, a personalized cover letter, her portfolio with segmented sections based on what the job requires, oh and a picture of herself.

You will probably look at candidate #2 first and potentially ignore candidate #1, all because #2 gave a little extra time to the application process.

Fried gives great advice when he states that, “we don’t define effort; we just ask for it. It’s up to individuals to decide what it means and demonstrate it in their own way.”

The best part about extra effort is that it predicts future extra effort in their job performance if hired. Giving extra effort isn’t taught in school and it’s not a hard measurable skill so when you find a candidate who tries a little harder then the rest, make an extra effort to hire them.

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