New Years Resolution: Hiring Edition

By Team Hireology,
January 1, 2014

Every year, people make resolutions for things that they want to improve in the upcoming year. However, as most of us know, these resolutions only last a few days before we’re back to our old ways. So this year, instead of making a resolution to stop eating chocolate, make a New Years resolution that you can actually achieve and that will benefit your company. (And that is realistic .. who would actually give up chocolate?).

Although there are endless possibilities for resolutions you can make in terms of your company and there are different resolutions depending on what your company needs at the time, we’ve provided a short list of suggestions.


As 2014 rolls around, another group of millennials will be graduating college and entering the workforce looking for employment. Even more, a large group of baby boomers will be exiting the work force, leaving openings in your company. A New Years resolution you can make as a hiring manager is to begin to understand millennials so, when the time comes, you are able to recruit and hire them successfully. Even more, you can make a resolution to begin hiring these millennials and adding diversity to your workplace. 

Company Culture

Company culture plays a very important role in the recruiting and hiring process. If you don’t have a strong, appealing company culture, you will really struggle to attract the high quality, talented candidates that you crave. Because of this, a logical New Years resolution would be to work on improving your company culture and making it the best that it can possibly be. This may mean changing your company culture completely. However, it will help you to attract stronger employees. 


Technology is a huge trend that won’t be going away any time soon. Using technology to your advantage to make your company more innovative will also help you to attract more candidates, especially millennials. A New Years resolution to implement more technology into your company is an easy one to accomplish. Whether it be a new form of communication, a more technological meeting or presentation format, or a more technological interview and hiring process, these changes will increase the amount and quality of candidates you attract and may even make your company more efficient.

Company Strategy

It’s becoming more common for the company strategy to play a large role in whether or not a candidate chooses to work for that company. Because of this, it is important that you have a strong corporate strategy that is aligned appropriately with the goals and values of your company.  Even more, you must continue to transform your strategy as the trends of the industry transform, as well as create a company strategy that will best accommodate the current and future employees. This New Years resolution will help to attract new employees as well as help to keep current employees at the company. 

We’ve provided you with a short list of suggestions for realistic company New Years resolutions. So kick back and relax with a bar of chocolate and decide what you want to do in 2014 to better your company! 

Also, be sure to download our 2014 Hiring Calendar to make sure you know who and when to hire in the New Year. 

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