New White Paper: Hiring in the Automotive Industry

By Team Hireology,
January 19, 2015

Managing an effective team at a dealership isn’t easy to do. It’s hard to find salespeople who’ll stick around for the long run; that’s why there’s a 66% turnover rate facing the auto industry, according to the NADA’s 2014 Dealership Workforce Study. While turnover can take a toll on any business, it seems to be a serious issue amongst dealerships-one that seems nearly impossible to fix. However, that’s not true. Mini_Whitepaper_Overcoming_Challenges

Here at Hireology, we understand the difficulties of building a solid team at dealerships. Nevertheless, the turnover rate at dealerships doesn’t have to be so high and we can tell you why. We now have a white paper that dives into the state of hiring at dealerships and gives insight on how to help lower turnover and develop a team of salespeople that are fit for the foreseeable future.

This white paper includes insight on the following topics:

  •       When Hiring Goes Off Course
  •       Test Driving Candidates Before Hiring
  •       Steering Your Auto Dealership In A New Direction
  •       Putting The Right People Behind The Wheel At Your Dealership
  •       How To Reduce Turnover

Click on the free white paper below to gain industry-leading insight on how to improve the hiring process at your dealership. You’ll be glad you did! 

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