New Features You’ll Love – on Monday!

By Team Hireology,
July 15, 2011

Hot out of the oven, Hireology will be serving up helpful new features on Monday! Just to whet your appetite, we present a sneak preview of what’s to appear on your screen come the beginning of next week:

Enhanced Job Detail Page: The days of not knowing what to do on this page are over. Now, customers call call up interview guides and scorecards right from this page! No need to navigate away – it’s a UI dream come true! 

In addition, we now give you the ability to rate your candidates’ resumes with a simple star clicking system. The new star system allows for note taking, a quick and easy communication tool for anyone involved in the hiring process.

We’ve also added a “verify” step to this page. For now, it includes your reference check guide; but in the very near future, this step will allow you to call up additional assessment tools you’d like to give to your candidate (think: DISC profiling, skills assessments, background checks, employment verification, etc…).

Finally, we’ve added “sorting” to this page. On Monday, you’ll be able to sort candidates by #of stars, interview scores, and candidate statuses.

Hourly jobs: Now, users can easily set up jobs that are paid on an hourly basis through our job profile wizard!

Multiple locations: Now users can add more than one location to any particular job. Hiring for the same position in Chicago, NY and LA? Add as many citites as you’d like to any job.

Interview scoring ON the interview guide: You’ve been asking for it, and now, Hireology customers will be able to see and click the interview question response options WHILE they’re interviewing a candidate. No need to go back into your computer and score after the fact. Don’t worry, you can always “hide responses” and do it the old way.

Widgetized Career site: This is a big one. We’ve actually taken the careers widget and embedded it into your Hireology-hosted career site. We’ve made this upgrade for three reasons: 1) It allows applicants to apply more easily apply for your job. 2) It sets the stage for us to give you customization options so you can add or delete steps in your application process. 3) It allows you to adjust the colors to look more like your website and your brand. Get excited.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for these enhancements. Let us know what you think on Monday.


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