New Features in Your Hireology Account!

By Team Hireology,
August 25, 2011

Late last night, while you were asleep, the Hireologists at Hireology upgraded your account with some exciting new features! Today, you notice that you have the ability to do the following:

Send an automatic email when you assign someone a task – Now, users can adjust their “notifications” settings to alert them when they’ve been assigned a task through Hireology. No need to remind someone that they’re supposed to interview a candidate – they’ll now be emailed automatically as soon as you assign the task.

Receive an email notification when candidates have applied to your job- We’ve received over 20 requests for this one: Now, users will be notified by email every time a candidate applies to a job they’re involved with. Just be sure everyone involved with the job is listed in the “Who’s involved with this job” section on the Job Detail page, and you’ll be set!

Receive emails when other changes occur within your job (a candidate is scored, a job’s status changes, etc…” – Now you’ll always know the status of your jobs and your candidates without even having to log into your account.

Customize your hiring process work-flow – Want to skip the elements interview for your administrative role? Or, want to stop sending the candidate survey for your open executive level position? Now, you can edit your hiring process steps. Just click the settings tab and edit your job’s hiring process. It’s up to you to decide how much time to invest in interviewing your candidates!

Sort candidates from A-Z or from newest to oldest – now, on the candidate summary page, users can sort candidates. Previously, you they woud appear in the order in which they applied to your job. A small but useful feature.

No more compensation info required when setting up your job – Users rejoice! Hate putting compensation information in writing before making the offer? No problem. Now, Hireology does not require you to enter compensation when setting up a job. Feel free to go back and add it at any point in the game.

Enhanced User Regulations – Now, Hireology users who are not checked as Admin can ONLY view the jobs with which they’re involved. Additionally, non-admin users can no longer see compensation information – even for the jobs with which they’re involved. Sorry, non-admin: Your account owners re-claimed control!

Post your jobs on Craigslist – We received feedback that Craigslist was not accepting the shortened job link we provided you in your social recruiting console. We’ve taken your feedback and now give you a career board-friendly job posting URL. Post away!

Enjoy! And keep the feedback coming…

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