The Four Things To Do When Hiring For Your New Franchise Location

By Beth Kempton,
April 3, 2017

New eBook: The Four Things To Do When Hiring For Your New Franchise Location

(Note: Below an excerpt from our eBook on hiring for a new franchise location. To skip ahead and read the entire eBook, please click on the download link at the bottom of the page.) 

One of our biggest takeaways from this year’s IFA was feeling the momentum and excitement franchisors and franchisees have for the year ahead. 

Across the board, franchises are preparing for a year of success – at existing locations, with new store expansions, and from entrepreneurs taking the first steps of launching their very own franchise brands.

Whether you’re looking to expand to a new location or you’re starting an all-new franchise business from the ground up, you’re likely getting familiar with the steps you need to get your operations up and running. This includes securing investments, insurance, local and industry regulatory compliance, familiarity with the community, and conforming with any existing franchisor brand guidelines. Business owners who have already been through the process know how long it takes to execute flawlessly and open on schedule.

By the time all these hurdles have been clear, many may rush through one of the most important parts of the process: staffing the new location with great employees.

The first wave of employees is the most important: it’s the team introducing the brand to your community – possibly for the very first time. First impressions matter for customers trying an all-new brand, and our latest eBook outlines the things you can do to staff up for a successful launch while ensuring your team is hired and trained before opening day.

To learn how to effectively staff your franchise, download our eBook:

The Four Things To Do When Hiring For Your New Franchise Location >

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