New eBook: The Complete Guide to Hiring Product Specialists

By Team Hireology,
August 5, 2016


Many of our automotive customers have developed their customer experience and loyalty, while at the same time lowering sales turnover, by hiring product specialists. The general consensus is that when implemented properly, employing product specialists is mutually beneficial for everyone: the dealerships improves customer satisfaction, the new employees are content with a well-defined career path and the customers leave the dealership pleased with their new purchase-and primed to become referrals.

Nevertheless, dealerships continue to use the same hiring practices for product specialists as for traditional salespeople, which doesn’t work. 

Our latest eBook, The complete Guide to Hiring Product Specialists, helps walk dealership hiring managers through the steps of recruiting and hiring the ideal product specialist, the proper way. If you’re looking to improve your overall dealership business by hiring product specialists, download this eBook before you begin the hiring process.


Key Takeaways


Here are a few things you’ll gain from reading this eBook:

  • Discover what credentials to look for when hiring product specialists
  • Know where to post your product specialist jobs
  • Learn how to use your career site to attract these tech-savvy applicants
  • Get tips on interviewing and verifying your product special candidates


Get your dealership on the right path to hiring product specialists by downloading the free guide below!

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