New eBook! Eliminate the Guesswork from Your Hiring

By Team Hireology,
January 6, 2016

Do you ever gamble with your investments? If you’re into the stock market, well then sure; but what about a young, twenty something employee-how confident are you gambling on that type of business investment? Would you make a quick decision to hire a candidate based off of a gut feeling?

Too often, managers make poor decisions that end up costing their companies time and money because of turnover. This is because they lack an actual process for their hiring. And a little structure can go a long way.

Our new eBook, The Power of Process: Eliminating Guesswork from Hiring dives into some of the issues and consequences hiring managers face when they don’t have a process, as well as provides the simple steps you can take to build a better hiring process for your company.

Key Takeaways

Here are just a few things you can expect to get from reading this eBook:

  • Learn what makes up a hiring process
  • Discover the most common hiring mistakes 
  • Identify the risks of making poor hiring decisions
  • Get the 4 steps for better hiring
  • Fully understand the value of a process

Take action and discover how to create a better hiring process for your business by downloading the complimentary eBook below.

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