New eBook! Best Hiring Practices for Emerging Franchisors

By Team Hireology,
February 3, 2016

If you have recently launched a franchise or are thinking about doing so, here’s
something to think about:

According to a recent article that cites more than 100 entrepreneurs, the top reasons for their companies going under were:

  1. Lack of market demand
  2. Cash flow went dry
  3. Wrong team

It takes time to build the franchise brand you desire, so obviously there are plenty of things on the to-do list to make sure you business doesn’t fall apart. Nevertheless, one of the most crucial parts of this process-one that should never be overlooked-is hiring.

Our new eBook, The Best Hiring Practices For Emerging Franchisors offers key insight on employee selection during the initial startup phases of franchises.

Key Takeaways

By reading this eBook, you will:

  • Learn what’s at stake for emerging franchise brands
  • Discover why hiring is such an important step
  • Uncover the five best hiring practices for emerging brands

Don’t let your franchise business start-off on the wrong foot with the wrong employees. Download to complimentary eBook below and discover how you can build a better franchise with the right people.

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