Motivation & Job Structure White Paper – now available!

By Team Hireology,
June 7, 2011

Want to keep your employees motivated? Hireology’s latest white paper reveals a heavily researched strategy you may not have considered…and it has nothing to do with management.

Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction have become increasingly critical for success in today’s competitive employment market. While it is important to focus on hiring the right employee who is motivated and passionate about your company, a candidate’s success is dependent on more than just their nature: The right environment; one that compliments your new employee, must be in place to achieve full motivation potential.

A Job’s Structure, or the combination of components and characteristics that make up a job, is often overlooked as a potential motivator. Typically, organizations rely on hiring a “motivated employee” or a motivating manager in attempts to solve problems related to low motivation, but new research shows that  job re-design may be equally impactful when attempting to  improve employee motivation, satisfaction and overall job performance.

Using Hireology’s hiring system, our customers identify structural components of the job at hand, which enables them to hire the right kind of person for the job structure they currently have in place.

To read more about the motivating potential of job structure and download your copy of our white paper, go to

Our white paper covers:

  • A review of the research on Job Structure
  • A comparative analysis of job re-design approaches
  • The Job Characteristics Model and the motivational approach to job re-design
  • Practical implications for your organization

Job structure is crucial to bringing the best talent onto your team. Learn our best tips to hiring salespeople below!

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