Millennials Monday: Is Freelancing The Answer?

By Team Hireology,
October 28, 2013

The millennial generation is going to be the largest generation. By 2020, they will be running the country, as they inch towards 46% of the workforce. With this change in the population will come a change in the business world altogether.

Unlike other generations, millennials don’t value the normal 9-5 jobs. Instead, they value flexibility in the workplace. Even more, they don’t like the traditional hierarchy within the workplace but would rather have freedom of choice.

Because of this, we may see the popularity of freelancing increase drastically. With freelancing, millennials will have the flexibility and freedom that they crave. Along with the flexible hours and company culture, freelancing gives millennials the chance to specialize in specific areas of work which will provide them with work that they actually enjoy doing. Essentially, with freelancing millennials are able to choose the people they work with, where they work, and when they work. They call all the shots, and we all know that millennials love having the freedom and being in charge of their own future.

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