Millennial Monday: What They’re Doing Wrong

By Team Hireology,
October 21, 2013

With the increase in technology these days, there are numerous ways that a millennial can get themselves noticed. Whether it be through twesumes, online portfolios, or professional social media platforms, it is clear that the standard, old-fashioned paper resume is just not cutting it anymore. 

However, Tracey Wallace explains that since the traditional resume is not used as often as it
used to, we are beginning to see many millennials making crucial mistakes on their resumes as well as during interviews.

There are three common mistakes that millennials continue to make when creating resumes

  1. Resume reads like a job description instead of focusing on previous work experiences. 
  2. Only checking spelling, grammar, punctuation once before sending resumes out.
  3. No use of a summary statement.
There are also three very common millennial mistakes that are made when being interviewed.
  1. Going into a job interview before conducting enough research on the company.
  2. Not preparing answers for anticipated questions based on job qualifications.
  3. Not reevaluating the interview before doing a follow up. 
Millennials are so used to technology that they are unaware of the right way to do these essential hiring steps. In order to hire better millennials, it is important to know these common mistakes and give feedback if you encounter a millennial making these mistakes. 

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