Millennial Monday: The Problem With Following Your Dreams

By Team Hireology,
November 25, 2013

Shoot for the stars! Follow your dreams! Never settle for less!

Millennials were growing up during the 1990’s and 2000 when the economy was booming. Because of the economy, their parents ingrained an idea in their head that they can do anything and be anything they want to be. They were often told to “Dream big!” and to “Follow your dreams”. Because of this advice, millennials are faced with an uphill battle.

Many millennials do indeed follow their dreams. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about following your dreams. However, millennials will now have a much harder time being able to achieve these goals, due to the fact that they must defeat a struggling economy in order to do so. 

Millennials have always been told to not settle for anything less than what they want. This is supposed to be a motivational tactic. However, it has proved to be misguided career advice as we see millennials throughout the nation shooting for the stars and attempting to obtain the tiny sliver that only few can actually acquire. Because of this, we see many millennials still living in their parents basements, when essentially they could be working a job that they are very qualified for. However, in their eyes, these jobs are not good enough for them.

How does this relate to hiring, you may ask? Hiring managers should expect to come across these millennial candidates who have very high expectations of what they can achieve in terms of jobs. Many candidates refuse to settle for a job because they think they deserve something better. Because of this, hiring managers must make sure millennials believe their job positions are of high caliber, in which only the best can obtain them. Doing so will make millennials feel empowered rather than think they are settling. Basically, hiring managers must make their job position what millennials dream of. 

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