Millennial Monday: The Future of the Millennial Workforce [Infographic]

By Team Hireology,
July 22, 2013


Monday fun-day. Am I right? What better way to kick off the week than with a millennial infographic?

Lucky for us, our friends over at The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill recently published an infographic filled with employment statistics for the generation everyone loves to hate.

It’s obvious that Gen Y has had some criticism entering the working world. From being called lazy and narcissistic, to entering one of the worst job markets in history, millennials have certainly been dealt their fair share of unlucky situations.

Although the very thought of a mixed-gen workforce may cause some to cringe, the fact remains that millennials are entering the workforce at a rapid pace. The infographic points out that by the year 2014, thirty-six percent of the workforce will be comprised of millennials. That’s a number that causes managers everywhere cringe. How am I supposed to manage a millennial? They’re incapable of holding concentration for over thirty seconds!

Good point, stereotypical hiring managerÉ Millennials aren’t as bad as they may seem. True, they’re tendency to share everything via social networks can be a little intimidating. But the statistics don’t lie, and just like with any interview, you can come prepared.

Come prepared

Consider structuring your interview around the fact that sixty-four percent of millennials ask about social media policies at work. Instead of waiting for them to ask, spin the question to your advantage. For instance, instead of merely saying, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to a social media policy, consider discussing the benefits of social media and come to an agreement. Perhaps, social media will only be allowed if a certain sales goal is reached. You get the point.

Obviously, social media is a huge part of the millennial lifestyle. Taking it away would create a huge disadvantage for your firm when attempting to attract millennials. Allowing millennials to participate in social media will boost the image for your company. In addition, it will allow an opportunity for you and your millennial employee to grow together, which is an idea that sixty-five percent of millennials look for when applying for jobs.

Utilize their strengths

At the very end of the infographic, UNC provides insight on how to effectively manage millennials after hiring them. The challenge is strong, as seventy percent of millennials say they plan on changing jobs once the job market gets better. However, if you engage and entertain your millennial employees, this mountain of a task seems more like a bunny hill.

Check out UNC’s millennial infographic below, and make sure to follow their team on Twitter.


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