Millennial Monday: The Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Millennials

By Team Hireology,
June 10, 2013

Welcome to the first ever Millennial Monday post! Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about attracting, hiring, and managing Generation Y employees.

In the past decade, millennials have been called lazy, narcissistic, and impatient by the generations that preceded them. Whether or not you feel these accusations are true, the time has come where you must effectively manage this group of creative-minded individuals in your workplace. Here are some useful Do’s and Don’ts of managing your millennial employees:


  • Be a positive leader: Millennials want a role model they can look up to and learn from. They have spent their entire life taking directions from someone in power. Now’s not the time to shock them with a different system. Ease the transition by lending a helping hand whenever you can. Doing your job as a leader will ensure that your millennials are happy and focused in the long run.


  • Listen and respond: This point cannot be stressed enough. Your millennials are going to have hundreds of questions. If you ignore them, they focus their attention on more important things (not necessarily work related). By setting aside some time to walk them through their responsibilities, they will put forth the work ethic you hired them for. Remember, the more time you spend teaching them the responsibilities of their job, the less time you will have to spend ushering them along in the future.


  • Provide a fun, positive working environment: Millennials, just as any other generation, want to enjoy the work that they do. The best thing you can do as a manager is offer a fun, yet structured working environment that your millennials can thrive in. Having an upbeat, social workplace will keep your millennials happy and energized for the workload you give them.


  • Ignore the generation difference in your workplace: In a recent Time Magazine cover story, Joel Stein characterized millennials as lazy, entitled, and selfish. Whether or not you agree with his view of generation Y, the idea of a generation clash in your workplace may not be so farfetched. In order to effectively manage the generation clash, it is important to address and instill the values of company culture in your millennial employees. Make sure you do this early and often, as the clash will happen immediately upon their arrival.


  • Treat every millennial the same: Remember that millennials, just like you, have individual qualities that set them apart from their colleagues. In order to create a working relationship with your employees, it’s important to understand each of their strengths and weaknesses and manage them based on those qualities. Good managers recognize talent in their employees while developing their weaknesses.


  • Take them lightly: If millennials were easy to manage, we wouldn’t be giving you advice on how to do it. Understand that your millennials are going to be difficult to manage. There will be times where you feel like firing them is the move. However, we both know that isn’t what you want to do. You hired them for a reason. It’s time you start taking control and managing your employees like the successful HR pro we all know you are! 


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