Millennial Monday: The 3 Golden Characteristics of Millennials

By Team Hireology,
July 29, 2013


Millennials have plenty of negative characteristics according to the generations that preceded them. Selfishness and laziness – Just to name a few. But just like everyone else, there are certainly positive characteristics to counter the negatives.

Whether or not you’ve made the decision to hire a millennial to your team, these characteristics should be taken into account. Millennials can be a great addition to any team if you give them the proper management.

Consider these personality traits when interviewing millennials for your business:


When recruiting millennials for your team, keep in mind that gen Y is full of both goal and team oriented people. Be prepared to structure your internship or job position around that type of environment. If your company culture doesn’t benefit team-oriented employees, consider restructuring your team.

Obviously, you don’t need to change your entire business to accompany new employees. But if you want your millennial employees to thrive your work environment, make it one that plays to their strengths.

Pressured and Driven

Gen Y has been characterized as the multitasking generation as a result of their ability to juggle  both personal and professional lives on a daily basis. If you’re thinking, Well, so does everyone else! You may be underestimating the extent to which millennials do this.

With that being said, millennials have grown up living under strict deadlines and tightly-packed schedules. Contrary to popular myths, they are fully capable of meeting deadlines and showing up on time. Don’t underestimate the ability of your millennials to get the job done well in a short period of time.


Believe it or not, this is one of the core traits of generation Y that sets them apart from previous generations. As college debt piles up, millennials come to the quick realization that financial support from mom and dad won’t always be available.

As they enter the workforce, millennials search for opportunities that will benefit them at a financial level. If these opportunities aren’t available at first, millennials will create them. Your business can utilize that to your advantage. Consider perk packages that compensate gen Y employees for meeting financial goals. If these opportunities are available to your gen Y emplyees, they will certainly put forth the drive and effort to achieve them. 


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