Millennial Monday: Technology Is Everything!

By Team Hireology,
September 23, 2013

Does your technology meet the standards?

In the next few years, millennials are going to be taking over the workforce. For many companies, this is bad news. Why, you ask? Because millennials are often judging companies by the technology that they use and provide. According to a survey done by CompTIA, 67% of interviewees will judge a company solely based on its technology. This judging occurs because millennials have spent almost their whole life around technology and are completely comfortable working with it. In other words, technology is everything. 

Todd Thibodeaux, president of CompTIA, gives companies an idea of what they need to know about technology when hiring millennials. 

Millennials are looking to see desktop PC’s, printers, and laptops in the office. Also, millennials place a strong importance on smartphones. According to the survey, only 6% of millennials used a standard cell phone or landline phone to do business. In other words, if a company can afford it, they should provide a smartphone for their employees.

They are very confident in their technological skills and are not afraid of intimidated by them. Many millennials actually feel that certain companies don’t offer enough social tool in order for them to do their jobs to the best of their ability. Even more, technology helps to keep millennials engaged on the job and work more efficiently. 

Because of this information, it is important for companies to start implementing newer technologies in the workplace if they want to attract millennials. If new technologies are not considered, millennials will move on to a more technological-savvy company. 

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