Millennial Monday: How To Manage Your Millennials

By Team Hireology,
September 16, 2013

Millennials are a completely different type of employee compared to those who you currently have employed. It is important to go about hiring and managing these recent graduates (also known as millennials) in a completely different way. If you do not manage them correctly, they may not be performing to the best of their ability. 

Lucky for you, Ilya Pozin created a list of seven different tips to make managing these millennials a more enjoyable process.

1. Communication 
Communicaton is key with millennials. They want to know that they are being included in company activity. Also, it is important that millennials know they can communicate with you. A simple solution to make communication an easy process is to use a central communication tool such as an inside instant messenger. 

2. Feedback
It was found in a recent study that 80% of millennials prefer to get feedback in real time. This feedback allows them to know what they did right and what they need to fix, which in return allows them to improve and benefits your company. An easy way to make sure you are always giving feedback is to schedule a designated time every week or month to meet with your millennials. 

3. Recognition 
No matter what age, if you ask any employee they will always tell you that they like getting praise for something they did. Also, praise is a free way to boost employee activity. With millennials, praising even the tiniest of accomplishments will motivate them to do more. 

4. Value 
Instead of thinking they are just putting in the time, millennials need to know that hard work is valued in the workplace. You need to put an emphasis on the value of hard work in orde for your employees to actually work hard.

5. Mentor 
It is important for millennials to know that they have someone in their corner. A mentor is a necessity for millennials.  Having a person who teaches them the secrets of the job, gives insight to their ideas, motivates them, etc is going to make them want to work harder towards the goals of the company.

6. Time 
Don’t focus on time. Millennials feed off of flexibility in the workplace and hate to think that their job only consists of punching the time card. Instead, focus on the goals that you would like to see accomplished.  Doing this will cause them to feel more motivated and actually accomplish the goals you presented them with. 

7. Questions
It’s common sense that no body likes being told what to do. This is why questions are a key part of managing millennials.  Instead of commanding them to do something that you want to get done, ask them questions that will plant the idea into their head. 

Using these tips will allow you to be the best manager to your new, millennial employees! Managing them using this advice will keep the recent graduates motivated towards accomplishing the universal goals of the company. 

Ready to add millennials to your team? Here – this guide will get you started.

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