Millennial Monday: Defense for Generation Y

By Team Hireology,
July 15, 2013


Welcome back everyone! Over the weekend, I was sifting through blogs when I came across a video made by Landline TV, a comedy group out of New York. The video features several workplace situations involving generation X & Y conflicts. Obviously satirical in nature, the video is meant to emphasize the over exaggeration of generation Y’s problems. After watching the digital short, I scoured the Internet for everything millennial. From blogs and videos, to user comments and news stories, I spent hours soaking in everything the Internet had to say.

Without a doubt, there’s enough information on my generation to keep me at it for hours. However, eventually I had to walk away. As you can imagine, I started to feel like that weak kid playing dodgeball in gym class. Everyone had something to say about generation Y and 95% of it was negative. I felt like I needed to do something to explain myself for being born a Gen Yer.

That was, until I read Matt Bors’ article accurately titled, The Generation We Love To Dump On.’ Bors’ article gives appropriate defense to the argument that millennials are here to destroy the world. In addition, he offers plenty of at those so-called gen X perfectionists who say we are doomed.

Bors’ article is insightful, as it gives millennials a voice in an otherwise biased crowd. But not only does it give millennials a defense against constant criticism, it gives them hope for entering the workforce.

For the past couple years, there has been an ongoing debate whether or not millennials can be trusted in the workforce. The over exaggeration of millennial laziness and narcissism hasn’t exactly given them a fighting chance. But the fact remains that millennials will make up about half of the workforce by the year 2020.

And for good reason… Millennials have all of the qualities that make up a great employee:


Millennials have grown up with technology. Instead of spending unnecessary time and money giving tech lessons, all you need to do is put them to work. Not to mention the fact that your Gen X employees will become more productive as a result of the tech-knowledge millennials have.


It goes without saying that millennials are connected. Whether they’re letting the world know they just ate Asian cuisine or telling local robbers they’re in Hawaii, gen Y has never been more connected to one another through social media. 


I’m going to put to rest any myths that every millennial is lazy and unmotivated. Having researched and talked to millennials in the past, the majority are actively searching employment and are taking steps to ensure they get the job they are looking for.

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking a millennial simply because he/she is labeled one. Take the time to get to know your millennial applicants, as they can make a huge impact with your company. 


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