Millennial Monday: 3 Tools to Help Manage Your Interns

By Adam Robinson,
August 12, 2013

If your intern hasn’t already gone back to school, chances are they will within a few weeks. This means that you’re going to be competing against their university for the student’s time – and unfortunately, you’re never going to win. School comes first, your company and their internship are second to that. 

And if your intern is anything like me, his/her class schedule is probably scattered throughout the day, three or four days a week. Now on those day when your intern doesn’t have class, it’s easy: They come into the office, get their projects done and then go home – just like any other employee. But those days when their classes seem to take up the entire day, what are you supposed to do – have them come into the office for an hour inbetween classes, work from home, not work at all? Clearly your options are not ideal, but there’s a few “hacks” to help both you and your intern get the most out of the position even when they are juggling classes.


Having a large team of interns ourselves, it seems like we’ve tested all the “latest and greatest” project management platforms. By far, we’ve found Trello to be the most effective. For one, it’s free. Who doesn’t love free? And even better, it’s easy to use. 

All you do is create a project (like Hireology Marketing), build lists under that project (something like “backlog,” “to-do,” “in progress,” “waiting for review,” etc.) and assign tasks within those lists (such as write a blog about millennials). Each time something is done, the task can be dragged to the appropriate project category. 

With Trello, you can see what your intern is doing and they can see what you’re working on. Take it from us, this platform just makes life easier.

Google Hangout

You know those questions that are too involved for just an email, but not so complicated that they require a meeting? (You’re nodding and rolling your eyes right now, right?) Well Google Hangout is your answer. 

If your intern isn’t in the office, just invite them to a Google Hangout and get all your questions answered. All you need is a gmail account and Internet connection and you’re golden. 


Whether your intern is paid or unpaid, Toggl helps you track what they’re working on. Now before I go on and on about the benefits of Toggl, promise me you won’t use this platform to micromanage your intern. Deal? Deal.

So Toggl allows users to track their name. By allowing them to type in the name of a project, hit “start,” “pause,” and “stop,” Toggl tracks just how long a given task takes and records the time on a daily and weekly basis.

So what are you waiting for? Start making the most of both your time, and your interns’!

About the Author

Adam co-founded Hireology with the mission to help growing companies make better hiring decisions through data and better technology. Adam is passionate about entrepreneurship, donating time to a number of organizations that support the entrepreneurial cause. Adam completed his undergraduate study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and received his MBA from DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

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