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By Team Hireology,
July 22, 2011

Hireology has done an overhaul to your Hireology-hosted career site. If you haven’t seen it yet, we urge you to sign into your account and click on any job link. Now, when candidates apply to your job (and we know you’ve been blasting them out to your social networks), they’ll be taken to a career site with YOUR colors, YOUR logo, and a simple, one-page application form.

On top of that, CANDIDATES can now forward your job to THEIR friends, post your job to THEIR Facebook and LinkedIN accounts, and tweet your job to thousands of people. Before Monday, Hireology users could only access these features if they had our Widget embedded in their company-hosted career site. Now, everyone gets these features!

Now, we know some of you liked the grueling process candidates used to have to go through to apply for your jobs. While we’re sorry that we’ve gone easy on your candidates, you’ll be happy to know that in about a week, you will have access to the new Candidate Survey. The Candidate Survey will be automatically sent to your candidates after they apply to your job, and will serve as an optional extension of the application – only it will be scored. Feel free to sort your new candidates by survey results High –> low as soon as they apply to your job!

In the next couple months, you’ll have the option to add your own questions to your application form, extend your application to include EEO data, employment data, and everything else you could every want in an application form. But, for now, click those social media buttons and watch the candidates pour in!

This career site will come in handy when hiring candidates, especially salespeople. Get even more tips of hiring sales talent below.

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