Making Payroll Work: A Unified Look At Your Human Capital

By Alan Dodaro,
February 8, 2017

Hireology has long demonstrated the benefits of a unified hiring platform, helping thousands of businesses save time, reduce costs, and find better employees.

By integrating all hiring steps into a seamless and easy-to-follow process, we’ve transformed hiring from a disjointed, time-consuming chore into a well-oiled process anyone in your organization can follow.  

And after announcing our new payroll integration in January, we hope to do the same thing with your human capital. By combining hiring data and payroll activity, Hireology will allow you to unlock intelligent insights never before realized thanks to our unified platform.

Here are just a few things Hireology and our new partners at Netchex will make you capable of providing:


Find your biggest leaks in productivity (and profits)

With a unified look at hiring and payroll, you’ll unlock insights never before possible.  

The integration between payroll and hiring intelligence means you’ll be able to have a clear picture on your employee turnover: one of the biggest sources of profit loss for a business. With a unified look at your human capital, you can find patterns of concern such as: 

  • Turnover by average tenure
  • Turnover by age
  • Turnover by position
  • Turnover by department
  • Turnover by manager
  • Turnover by location

With our tight integration with Netchex payroll, you’ll be able to unlock insightful human capital analytics that simply aren’t possible with disjointed or siloed HR stacks. The most data-driven businesses will use this data to proactively manage their teams: instead of waiting for the next person to put in their notice before scrambling to fill the role.

Get better transparency into your labor and benefits expenses

Mapping back payroll data to hiring intelligence will transform your HR stack into an analytical platform to help inform better decisions about your team to and drive a more profitable business. With payroll and hiring data working together, you’ll be able to unlock new insights that can drive your costs down and lift productivity. A few examples include:

  • Seeing company benefits by team usage to determine worthy investments or underutilized perks
  • Analyzing overtime hours by employee, role, or location to solve for back doors in your profitability.
  • Complying with data-intensive mandates such as the ACA or similar workplace regulations impacting employee contributions

 Create a solid foundation for the future of your HR stack

While a truly unified HR stack will unlock data about your team never before possible, it’s just the beginning for Hireology. We’re also working on tools we plan to release later this year to dive even deeper into employee, HR, and business insights, as well as smart automation tools to help you harness this data in an intelligent and actionable way.

Workforce analytics – the act of applying data-driven insights to drive business results on your team – will be a huge focus for organizations of all sizes in 2017 and beyond. The first step in this transition will be to truly learn about your employees in a quantifiable and measurable way: and we’ll get there together with a strong integration between your hiring data and payroll activity.

Let’s start harnessing your human capital

Hireology is the platform that gets all of your hiring and payroll activity into a unified and easy-to-use process. With our new payroll offering, we’ll empower organizations to make data-driven decisions on their human capital management. The best companies are already beginning to leverage their human capital data to drive staffing decisions, and we’re excited to provide these comprehensive tools – once only available to the largest organizations – to our dedicated small business base. 

See how we’ve helped businesses of all sizes combine hiring, onboarding, and payroll into a simple and streamlined process anyone can follow. Click below to connect with one of our trained Hireologists to see how we can improve hiring for your organization.

About the Author

Alan is the content and product marketing manager, responsible for educating Hireology customers on new product features and platform best practices. He brings experience from previous startup and digital agency roles. Before beginning his career, Alan attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, with a major in advertising and a minor in library information science.

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