It’s Time To Restructure Your HR System

By Team Hireology,
March 18, 2015

Don’t you just love getting constant reminders to update your software!? And the pop-up notifications that just love interrupting you while you’re in the middle of working; so awesome! If you can sense sarcasm, then you just read those last two sentences correctly.

I know that updating smart device software is easy and takes very little time-yet, I still like to avoid doing it right away. I’m not sure what it is, but I feel like if I avoid the update or keep pushing the reminder back another day, it’ll go away and the update will complete itself without me having to click the dreadful ‘shut down’ or ‘restart’ button. I think it’s my way of believing that I’m beating the system, even though I know that’s not the case.

As stupid as this habit may be, the consequences aren’t dire. The worse case scenario that I’ve ever had was dealing with a slow running computer and taking over 15 minutes to figure out how to update my softwareÉwithout that little bittersweet pop-up reminder. For other things in life, such as those that rely on regular upgrades or renovations, the consequences can be much worse.

Every company needs to restructure some form of its business sooner or later. Companies who are slow to ‘get with the times’ often see negative side effects, which typically trickle down to the backbone of their business; the employees.

According to Deloitte’s recent report, Global Human Capital Trends 2015, most businesses’ HR system is in need of a facelift.

Deloitte’s report ‘involved surveys and interviews with more than 3,300 businesses and HR leaders from 106 countries.’ In this detailed study, the findings suggest that the HR system is in need of renovation-one that can match the needs of the millennial workforce. Below are four key topics mentioned in the report, as well as relative discoveries from each topic, to take into consideration when restructuring your HR system:

Factors To Consider

Gen Y Taking Control

‘The gap is widening between what business leaders want and what HR is delivering,’ for office culture, millennial employees and workplace demands.

Workplace Environment Is Essential

‘Engagement and culture skyrocketed to the no. 1 issue around the world, with 87 percent of companies rating it important or very important vs. 79 percent last year.’

Open Communication Needed

‘Half the respondents rated their leadership shortfalls as Ôvery important,’ while only 31 percent believe their leadership pipeline is Ôready.”

Continuous Training & Education

‘Learning and development issues exploded, rising from the no. 8 to the no. 3 most important challenge in this year’s study, yet despite this demand, capabilities in learning dropped significantly.’

Renovating your HR system doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Check out our complimentary eBook below to get some cheap and simple tips!

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