Interview Scoring Sheet: Want to hire Batman?

By Adam Robinson,
April 9, 2013

Remember those quiz books you had as a kid? The “Which Character Are You?” was a popular one in middle school because it would ask you questions based on your life and depending on how many A’, B’s, and C’s you chose, your score would reflect a certain character. My favorite one was the Batman quiz where you could find out if you were Batman, Robin, or the Joker. Of course I always wanted to end up as Batman but according to the oh-so-smart quiz writers, I was ALWAYS the Joker. Such a let down.

Developing and using an interview score card is similar to those quizzes.

When you develop an interview score sheet for your hiring process, you are basically creating a quiz to find out which candidate is Batman. If you are to trying to hire Batman you must determine what characteristics Batman has before you begin the interviewing process. In order to find a candidate with those qualities, you have to ask questions based off those traits and award points to whoever answers closest. Still confused?

OK Ok, hope on your batmobile and keep reading to understand how to create an interview scoring sheet in order to hire Batman:

1. Determine what qualities Batman has

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Batman is symbolic of your star employee. You just had a position open up and what better to fill it with, than another Batman right? First you must determine what qualities Batman has so you can search for a candidate with those same qualities.

Everyone knows Batman is a leader who is responsible, dependable, and hard-working. Once you have identified what traits your Batman has, you can begin forming your interview guide.

2. Create an interview guide

The “Which Character Are You?” quiz would ask a series of questions based off of the personality traits in which the resulting characters possessed. The same goes for your interview guide. Create questions based off of the qualities that Batman has like leadership and responsibility.

The questions should look similar to this, “Tell me about a time when you had to step up and be a leader,” and “What kind of responsibility did you have in your last job?” 

Their answers will act as a scoring component.

3. Use an interview scoring sheet

Here comes the part you’ve all been waiting for! It’s time to figure out who is Batman… The best part is it’s actually pretty easy, all you have to do is determine what candidate answered the questions closest to Batman’s qualities. And just like that, the end candidate is your Batman!

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About the Author

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