Predictive Index

Predictive Index provides candidate assessments that help you better understand on-the-job success for potential candidates before extending an offer. Hireology customers who also have The Predictive Index in their HR toolkit can manage the assessment process within Hireology.

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Hireology + Predictive Index

Make the right hiring decisions

Predictive Index is a scientifically-proven measure of behavioral tendencies in the workplace

Run a unified hiring process

Manage your entire hiring process — including PI assessments — from Hireology to save time and hire faster

Consolidate your data

Results live within the Hireology platform alongside the rest of your candidate information

How it works

This two-way integration allows you to order PI assessments, see when they’ve been completed, and access the results directly from Hireology.

Choose from two types of assessments

Both behavioral and cognitive assessments are available within Hireology

Automatically alert candidates

Candidates are notified that the assessment is ready for them to complete

View the score

Receive a full PDF of the results within your account

Hire with confidence

Analyze the results within Hireology to make an informed decision

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