Infographic: How Much Can a Bad Hire Cost Your Franchise?

By Team Hireology,
July 14, 2016

Similar to any other business, franchises tend to focus most of their attention on boosting business revenue. That’s obvious for many reasons, right? But what about the other facets that make up a franchise’s bottom line?

One of the simplest, yet often unidentifiable ways a business can lose money is from bad hires. This is especially true for most franchise owners (91%), who find it challenging to recruit skilled applicants. So, just how much does a bad hire cost a franchise and its bottom line? Check out the infographic below and see for yourself.

Key Infographic Takeaways:

  • Discover the amount of bad franchise hires made last year
  • Uncover the anatomy of a bad franchise hire
  • Find out the percent of companies that estimate a bad hire costs them at least $25K
  • Understand the cause of bad hires
  • Learn how to combat bad hires for your franchise

                                                            (Click on the infographic below to enlarge the image)


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